Blockchain foundation training

Blockchain is a distributed ledger that is replicated across multiple nodes to enable immutable, permanent, transparent, and secure record-keeping of transactions. The original design of blockchain focused on the cryptocurrency “Bitcoin” but its potential is spanning many diverse industries such as finance, logistics, insurance, medicine and even music.

We designed this training to help executives understand what is Blockchain and what are the possible applications of the technology and its impact on the business strategy.

What you will learn

At the end of this training, you will

Technological concepts

Understand the theoretical and technical foundations of blockchain technology


Understand the concepts of decentralization and its advantages in various use cases

Smart contracts

Understand the concept of smart contracts

Blockchain solutions

Investigate alternative blockchain solutions including Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, and many more

Use cases

Discover use cases of blockchain powered applications for different sectors

Strategy and innovation

Explore blockchain implementation and commercialization strategies

Training program overview

This training is accessible to decision makers, regulators and government officials and technical leaders who want to understand Blockchain/DLT and their implementation challenges

The training can be provided on-site* and online (infrastructure provided by us).

* Paris, Berlin and Casablanca. For other locations please contact us directly.
Companies in France are eligible to CPF financing.

2 days



Day 1

  • A bit of history
  • Centralization vs Decentralization
  • Blockchain explained
  • Why do we need Blockchain?
  • Cryptography
    • Public key and Private key
    • Digital signature
  • How does cryptography secure Blockchain
    • Transactions scenarios
    • Can someone modify the transactions?
  • Who takes part in a Blockchain network?
  • What is a consensus protocol?
  • Introduction to Smart Contracts
  • Overview of the different Blockchain platforms
  • Public vs Private Blockchain
  • Introduction to Bitcoin
  • Introduction to Ethereum
  • Introduction to Hyperledger

Day 2

  • Stable coins: Libra, CBDCs and other alternatives
  • Cross boarder payments and remittances
  • Community currencies
  • Trade finance
  • Supply chain finance
  • Criteria for Blockchain technology selection
  • Other use cases will depend on the audiance’s interest
  • Risks and challenges: Security
  • Risks and challenges: Usability
  • Risks and challenges: Scalability
  • Opportunities & lessons learned for banking and financial services
  • Technology convergence: Blockchain, AI, IoT…
  • Is a smart contract a legal contract?
  • Money laundering and KYC
  • GDPR & privacy regulation

We'll be back soon!

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, the planned trainings have all been canceled and payments have all been refunded.

In the meantime, you can check our webinars or contact us to organize online training sessions

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