We wouldn’t be in the blockchain space without believing that there are amazing ideas out there to alter the way we do and perceive things today. Yours might just be one of them.

Especially in a space where everything is new, people make mistakes. That is totally fine, as long as we all learn from them. Learning something new every day is an important part of our lives.

We do not take ourselves too seriously, and neither should you. While we deliver great work results, we also don’t forget how to be human – having fun is a big part of that.

There are some useful discussions, and there are some useful approaches to make things better than they currently are. We focus on the aspects that do just that. Let’s skip the rest.


Clear vision

Defining a clear company and product vision - with the strategy to get there

Whitepaper writing

Writing complete whitepapers including all business, marketing and technical aspects


Covering all your marketing needs - from strategy definition to multichannel execution

Social Media

Helping you define a strategy for your Social Media presence


Creating your branding strategy and visual identity - from logo and website to user interfaces

Reliable Results

Guaranteed quality delivery thanks to our extensive project management experience

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