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We help you to create purpose-driven solutions with emerging technologies, from ideation to impact.

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Strategic organization of your initiatives including fundraising and impact strategy


Human centred design, design thinking and business model innovation


From strategy definition to multichannel execution and campaign management

Branding & Communication

Creating a brand strategy and visual identity that effectively communicates your purpose

Product development

Organizing and executing your product definition and (agile) development

User Experience

Ensuring and improving the usability of your products and services

How we do it.

Our team combines a diverse background with experience in Global 500 companies and startups. We also rely on a diverse network of consultants, collaborators and partners in Blockchain and emerging technologies.


We can act as external consultants to improve your strategy, setup and performance.

Direct support

We provide day to day support and act as members of your extended team.


We discuss a problem you struggle with, and build your capacity to overcome it.


We provide tailored preparation and skilled facilitation to maximize the output.

What matters for us.

To create products and services used by millions of people is certainly a great achievement. But what matters for us is to create products and services that improve the life of millions of people.

Positive Impact

We care about projects that bring a positive change or address a pressing social challenge.

Sustainable goals

We support projects aiming to achieve the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Impact measurement

We believe that monitoring and measuring impact provides the insights needed to optimize and maximize it.

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